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Heart and doodles

Good morning!  I didn’t get this one finished last night.  The one on the right side.  I had planned to doodle all the way up with swirls… now I’m thinking it needs some words/text/something.  What would you do?

That’s why it’s good to have other pages with background paint on them.  You can skip to another page while giving the other one some thought.  Same way with paintings, sculpture, etc.  If I work on more than one painting,  I can always switch to something else if I get stuck.

Only problem with that… you have to have the discipline to come back and FINISH.  Lots of artists have that problem.  Lots of projects,  very few completed.  Not a good habit to have.  I’m obsessed with finishing it.  Even if I know it’s  ugly. LOL  I’m determined to see if I can fix it.  If I still hate it after I varnish… I’ll give it a few days,  maybe a week.  Then it goes in the trash.  I don’t want to see it again.  Or I paint over it and try something different.  How do you deal with your rejects?  Unfinished art? 

Ok,  to the studio for me.  Yea!  so much to see….


8 responses

  1. You know, friends, we all have a similar idea of how to finish off the heart. Isn’t that interesting? Could that mean that we all have really good taste, are super creative, and have fabulous artistic minds? LOL!!!! Now I’ll have the giggles for the rest of the day. many hugs… PJ

    04/26/2011 at 11:43 am

    • Ann

      Still laughing… glad you found my post, I was gettin worried.. lol

      04/26/2011 at 8:01 pm

  2. Ann

    I love it as is.. but since you asked, lol,,, I agree, small words or One big word with doodles in the letters? Gosh, who am I to say? I’m still too nervous to start on the book I got.. Love the idea, REALLY wanna do one… just need some more self confidence.. As always P.J., love your work. After all YOU are the one who got me started in Doodling anyway ( from a couple of your videos… Love to hear that laugh of yours Take care. and a very good day to ya…
    I found it.. lol

    04/26/2011 at 8:29 am

    • Ann, this is not BRAIN SURGERY! LOL Or rocket science. 🙂 There is no perfect way to doodle. Some of mine are better than others I’ve done… and that’s Okay. If I’m happy with it, it’s a success. If not, I can throw that sucker away. LOL Try playing with doodles on copy paper/ a napkin/ notebook paper/ a throw away book. Years ago I loved doodling in the phone book. My Mother didn’t love it. Ha! She always swore that was THE page she needed. In the books I’m working in… if I hate the page, I cut out that page. Makes me soooo happy and I giggle the rest of the day. Try it… it’s fun! —– Original Message —–

      04/26/2011 at 11:35 am

  3. Ann

    HEY!!!! I posted !!! where did it go? lol

    04/26/2011 at 8:15 am

  4. sooz

    I love the heart page just as it is. But I asked myself, if I did want to add something, what would it be? I might write tiny little words in black pen just across the top curve of some of the red dots. I love the red dots, though, and like that you only doodled half the page.

    04/25/2011 at 11:22 am

    • thanks, Sooz… sounds like a great idea… can’t wait to work on it again. —– Original Message —–

      04/25/2011 at 11:48 am