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a little wisdom for Monday morning…

You can teach techniques, but not results.

quote by G. Hale

Isn’t that brilliant?  I love that.  Covers a lot of things.


Another altered book page from an Art Journal I did a few years ago.  Now it belongs to a really nice lady in Brenham.  I had fun doing those books. 

Yesterday I did a video of the gallery here in Carmine.  It is the shakiest video EVER. LOL  I’m outta practice.  If you have time,  take a look see.  I’m going to be making lots more videos.  See, told ya…it takes practice. :-))  

Have a great Monday, a great week.  I gotta go paint! hugs, PJ  open for buisness 🙂



Altered book page in an Art Journal I did a few years back.

Oh, my…. I have worked all day putting art on my new improved website.  I think I have 25 pieces on there, and more to do.  I think I’ll quit for today… my brain is in computer over load.  But I had to do a post and tell somebody… bless your heart… you’re it. LOL   xo

Altered book page…

I haven’t finished the second page.   I wanted to show the actual page under the paint (around the edges).  That will give you an idea of how those colors will show thru if you use craft paint with a little medium on the page.  Text will look cool showing thru also. 

Describing how I do this isn’t my best talent. 😉   I’m better at videos, I think.  Also,  lots of the pens I used on this are metallic,  shiny, or have a tad of glitter.  Of course you can’t see any of that. LOL duh….  For me,  those pens make it more fun. 

Practice lettering on copy paper.  Don’t be afraid of it.  You don’t have to be the best…. and don’t compare yours to mine, or anybody else’s.  If you want to use theirs or mine as a guide,  go for it.  But don’t beat yourself up.  It’s suppose to be your art…. and suppose to be fun.   We’re all way too critical of ourselves.  Give that up… it gets in your way of doing good stuff.

If you go back on my blog,  somewhere I show the button cover on this book.  If you’re interested in doing one,  let me know.  I’ll tell you how I did it,  and got the buttons to stay put. LOL an inspiring place to decorate your nest…

Heart and doodles

Good morning!  I didn’t get this one finished last night.  The one on the right side.  I had planned to doodle all the way up with swirls… now I’m thinking it needs some words/text/something.  What would you do?

That’s why it’s good to have other pages with background paint on them.  You can skip to another page while giving the other one some thought.  Same way with paintings, sculpture, etc.  If I work on more than one painting,  I can always switch to something else if I get stuck.

Only problem with that… you have to have the discipline to come back and FINISH.  Lots of artists have that problem.  Lots of projects,  very few completed.  Not a good habit to have.  I’m obsessed with finishing it.  Even if I know it’s  ugly. LOL  I’m determined to see if I can fix it.  If I still hate it after I varnish… I’ll give it a few days,  maybe a week.  Then it goes in the trash.  I don’t want to see it again.  Or I paint over it and try something different.  How do you deal with your rejects?  Unfinished art? 

Ok,  to the studio for me.  Yea!  so much to see….

Happy Easter and another altered page

WordPress is cranky… it won’t let me put photos where I want photos…. now I’m cranky…

…… dirty word

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter with family and friends… and enough eggs to hunt for days and days and days….  :)

the page on the right I did out of a smaller used book that I like to work out of.  I’ve already painted all the pages in the book…. plus the shapes for words.  Easier that way, plus it lets me be more creative when I’m working on a page.  I like that.  

Plus the darn paint is completely dry.  LOL  Writing, drawing, doodling on semi-dry paint can cancel a creative roll you may be on.  That I can’t handle.  Too hard to get it back.  My advice is to do as much background painting as possible,  let it dry.  Then if you want splashes of color here and there… a blow dryer will work for that. 

A blow dryer in the studio is my best friend.  I use a small cheap one.  Don’t want it to fry anything,  just blow warm air.  If you don’t use it on high,  it’ll last forever.  

The button cover is my  idea.  I love buttons.  Yes,  I painted them on the book cover.  I haven’t had one to come off.  It’s a tough little book.  

Keep looking for those eggs….  I know there’s more out there.  LOL   where the fun begins….

another altered book page…


It seems I have a mental block against B&W….  I’m so ashamed.  LOL   I swore these last two pages were going to be just B&W.   Not so easy for me.  Color seems to creep in everything I do.  Gotta have some color somewhere.  😉  I love B&W.  Love the starkness of it.  Just don’t seem to be able to do it.  🙂  

 Maybe some more therapy would help…. Just kidding.  You have to realize… you have to know that I have a sick sense of humor.  I’ll say anything thinking the whole world knows I’m yanking their leg. (that’s Texan for kidding)  Then I find out somebody really believed me.  That gets me in more trouble.  Forget about apologizing… explaining…  they just get madder.  Now I just say… “I lie”.  Seems to clear up everything.  LOL  new things coming very very soon….

Art journal page with Doodles

altered page

I’ll admit it… I just had to do some blue behind those clouds.  For the clouds I used a fat Faber-Castell soft grey marker.  Wish I had a lot of those.  Super to color with.  I doodled in the white space around the pictures.  Fun to do. 

Almost forgot… I used a brush pen… another Faber-Castelle pen for the doodles.  Love that brand of pen.  Have you started your art journal yet?  No?  Get busy.  You’re gonna love it.   a fun place to shop and enjoy  folk art….

Great place to find used books cheap =  thrift stores