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where was I?

I don’t have a clue what I was doing today.   Was suppose to do a post here.  Some how I got caught up in doing some research on uploading videos…  then it was trying some stuff on my blog.. over and over and over…. nothing worked. 

Then I sold a painting on .  Well I had to do the Happy Dance fore at least an hour.  I was thrilled, still am.  Was forced to eat a hamburger and fries R made.  The things I do for that man….

Might be changing up my blog…. decisions, decisions….  then I realized I hadn’t made a post. duh…  So here I am… telling you good night.  LOL  a really nice place to hang out….


a little wisdom for Monday morning…

You can teach techniques, but not results.

quote by G. Hale

Isn’t that brilliant?  I love that.  Covers a lot of things.


Another altered book page from an Art Journal I did a few years ago.  Now it belongs to a really nice lady in Brenham.  I had fun doing those books. 

Yesterday I did a video of the gallery here in Carmine.  It is the shakiest video EVER. LOL  I’m outta practice.  If you have time,  take a look see.  I’m going to be making lots more videos.  See, told ya…it takes practice. :-))  

Have a great Monday, a great week.  I gotta go paint! hugs, PJ  open for buisness 🙂


Altered book page in an Art Journal I did a few years back.

Oh, my…. I have worked all day putting art on my new improved website.  I think I have 25 pieces on there, and more to do.  I think I’ll quit for today… my brain is in computer over load.  But I had to do a post and tell somebody… bless your heart… you’re it. LOL   xo

collecting art….

Do you collect art? 
When did you start? 
Did someone get you started  collecting?
Did they guide you on the artist that you should collect?  
Did you meet the artist? 
Do you collect for an investment or love? 
Do your friends collect art?
Do you know how many pieces of art you own? 
Prints or originals?
Those questions will get us all to thinking, I hope.  If you have the time,  please answer a few or all… in a comment.  I would love to know how you feel about art….  if you share your life with it,  or is it just there.  Thank you…. PJ


Bottle cap mirror frame made by an artist in Mexico… I think.

Clay face jug and clay pig by Marie Rodgers… Georgia

I got to meet Ms. Marie at her home.  She was so sweet and a hoot.  At that time she was in her 90’s.  That’s been several years back.  It was a treat to meet and visit with her.   …..just put on more art!

my eyes have seen….

Wire Head catching a boat load….

Isn’t he something?  I did a series of Wire Heads.  Would love to do more.  But onward with new designs/ideas is the best direction. 🙂

Went to the eye Dr. today.  I’m not going blind. 🙂   Didn’t even need new glasses according to her.  More drops,  eye cream stuff.  Allergies.   Well,  what’s new with that?  The wind has been blowing in Texas for over a month.  Lots of dust in the air. We finally got rain in our area yesterday.  So thankful for that.  No Dust!  Yeah.  But it sure took a lot of rain dancing to get that stuff falling from the sky. LOL   I’m about wore out….  😉

Tomorrow I’ll be putting more art on  What am I saying… I just put a large landscape on there.  More to come tonight and tomorrow.  Sneak a peek.  Did you know you can leave comments on there?  No joke.  I thought that was cool.  Someone came up with the idea that I do a  WIP page with photos on the website.  Just might be doing that.

Here’s another Wire Head to make you giggle.  


(no you cannot use my design… :-]  you can think up somthin’ on your own if you put some time into it.  It’s called ‘work’.  LOL  don’t take the easy route and copy…. it’s not nice, and it’s against the law!)  

Ya’ll have a good weekend.  Spend some time with people you like… that make you laugh. xo

those Betty Davis eyes….

Okay… I thought I was going blind… then R mentions something about I should go to the eye Dr…. then something about how long I’ve been wearing these glasses…. then  eye strain was mentioned… guess what… I don’t think I’m going blind. 

I have bad eye strain. Whew!  That was a close one.  Tomorrow I’ll go see if the Dr. agrees with my diagnosis…. of coarse she will…  new glasses… then I’ll be dangerous again.

So for now,  I’m resting my eyes… and don’t be telling R any different. 🙂

The beginning of my new improved web site is up and running.  Not much on there yet,  but will be very very soon.  Remember…. I’m resting my eyes…:)

Have a good one….xoxoxo

folk painting of a pig…

Hairy Pig…

He’s from a few years ago.  I’ve painted that pig every size you can imagine.  But they’re all originals.  I  think I’ll do him again…. LOL  a good place to look for pigs….