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outsider art

WIP’s in the studio

WIP = Work In Progress   This is going to be another head.  I love to make heads.  Not sure who this will be yet.  It’ll tell me soon enough…   With luck it’s going to sit on the pedestal below.  I put that together using wooden parts I have all over the studio.


Isn’t this a handy thing?   The turn table on the bottom I think I got at IKEA.  I love that place.  Then the 3 tier stand  I just had to have cause I was going to use it for parties.  I think I’ve used it twice in maybe 20 years.  🙂   The enamel plates we used years ago.  They hold paint perfect.  Then I needed somewhere to lay my glue… just the right spot under everything.  The light?  That’s one that I use when photographing my art.   Is that dohicky multi tasking or what?!  🙂


Guess what I’m going to do with this…. gonna be fun!  Share some kindness with someone this weekend.  xo 



folk art house…

It’s all about what makes a home… not $, not fancy stuff…. making a space yours….  All the details are on  PJ Hornberger Folk Art .   Go see what’s going on.  It’s going to be wild & crazy & fun!  

Have a great weekend.  Do something fun.  Be safe.  And thanks so much for your interest in my art… it is much appreciated!  xo PJ

Buy folk art… it’ll make you soooo sweet….

be afraid… very afraid..

Paper Clay,  I ordered almost 10 lbs.  of that stuff that dreams are made of.  Or my dreams.. anyway. 🙂  I go thru it fast.  I’ll be able to sculpt everything… well almost everything my heart desires!  Yeah!  They have a great website

Shopping on the internet  makes me smile…. most days.  I get all dressed up in my cleanest gown,  usually forget to comb my hair,  a diet coke very near,  clean glasses,  and the race is on.

Have you seen Martha Stewart’s website?  I shopped her craft one today.  It was the only place I could find coarse glitter.  No joke.  Her website runs/operates as smooth as butter.  A different site I looked at had me screaming obscenities in less than 5 minutes.  The list is long on what it didn’t or wouldn’t do.  I got so mad I unscribed myself.  Smiled when I was doing it.  Martha’s site even apologized for having me to double-check my shipping address. 

She also has these gorgeous paper edge punches.  Latice work.  Clam shells.  A deep cut.  Oh, and the funniest scissors.  It  had several blades that cut at the same time.  They called them FRING scissors. 🙂  Only Martha….

Antiqueing in Texas this week?

I almost forgot!  If you’re in Fayette Co.  Texas at the antique shows this week, stop by Johnson & Barrett.  It’s a great shop, located at the Village Green shops in Round Top…. hwy. 237  –  2 blocks off the square.  They’re showing my folk art. 

At my gallery in Carmine,  I’m under construction.  So I’m so happy Molly & Robert are showing my folk art at their shop.  They’ll also be doing the Big Red Barn show that starts this Wednesday.  Their booth is on the back wall to the left.  Check out their great antiques.

The weather here is perfect for trapesing  thru the cow pastures, old saloons, dance halls  hunting for those bargains.  You don’t wanna miss the fun!  xo

folk art cats…

Finished these last night.  They do have an attitude.  They’ll be on the Online art gallery page in just a sec.  and probably on Etsy too.  Gotta get my act together to get all this stuff done.  My purse is waiting for me.  It’s calling my name.  Gotta make an ugly purse….

finally….folk art online…

I know I’m slow…. soooo slow.  But!  I got some stuff up on the Gallery Online page.  I did forget the measurements…. oh, my.   Sooo, if you’re wondering…. email and I’ll give ya all those details. 

Can’t right now,  just made myself the best looking homemade pizza.  Just sliced tomatoes and good olives,  with some really good cheese.  Now I’m hungry.  What are you having for supper/dinner?  Hope it’s something you love. 

Going to watch some TV and feed my face.  Take a look see what I have on the online gallery page.  Find something you just can’t live without!  xo PJ

revisiting past art…


Some things from my collection of folk art.  The only piece that’s mine is the moon on the fridge.  The bottle cap mirror frame is a favorite.  It hangs out in the bathroom with some pigs.  Shane Campbell’s crows look really nice with my moon.  He does fun things.  later…