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Lots of PJ art news….

Suzette and friend, Bella, have just arrived at  Somebody sent them  gorgeous yellow flowers.  All those details are on  Ya’ll really neeeeeed to visit cause we’re always havin’ parties and stuff.  I don’t want ya’ll missing anything.  We roasted marshmellows the other night and where were you?  See, that’s exactly what I mean.

And we had new videos… really good videos… they were the eye wipin’ kind.  (you know, you laugh so hard you tear up)   Pay attention… I’m losing ya.

Ok,  after supper come visit me at   Good Lord,  I have 6 followers on there.  And they’re all real nice folks.  big hug,  can’t wait to see ya’ll…..


folk art… sold…


The lady in the bathing suit was the first of a series I did … ‘Bathing Beauties’.  Loved those girls.  I’d love to do more…

The Church scene was perfect in that frame.  The funky faux woodgrain  kinda set off the painting.

The Crow was so skinny… I musta been on a diet about that time.  Since then… I have given up that craziness…… LOL

The eye ball… well,  I love eyeballs.  Can’t explain it.  This one is for  guests that refuse to go home….  they’ve stayed way too long.  Just sit the eye where it stares at them… starts to creep ’em  out… they go home.  🙂  I shoulda been a physiologist… gotta learn how to spell it first.

Hope you’re having a good week.  If not,  make some adjustments.  🙂 

Buy Art… it’ll make you really good lookin’..

folk art zinnia painting….

Yes,  I finally finished a painting.  The varnish is almost dry…  I can never wait,  gotta photograph it NOW!  I love to paint zinnias… some call them ol’maids.  Must be because they come in so many different colors.  Love the detail of the petals.

The canvas was covered in tissue paper,  gessoed,  then painted with acrylics.  Varnished.  This will be on my website for sale in a few minutes…. right after my nap.  🙂   I can’t help it!  R coughed all night,  I woke up way too early,  Herbert was in this tight little ball under my last rib….  see,  I do need a nap. 🙂  A big fat nap.  Herbert’s eyeing the bed right now.   He thinks he needs one too…..  darn Chihuahuas….

Forget the nap… the neighbor decided to weedeat/blow leaves.  So on to putting the zinnia painting on  Not going to happen today.  Adobe flash something or other is gone.  That’s ’cause of my computer trouble a couple of weeks ago. 

So!  The painting is 18 x 24  ready to hang.  If you’re interested,  email me at for all the details.  Have a good day! xo

primitive painting


I know,  I know.  Pumkins and wildflowers at the same time?  In my head,  everything is possible.  I love big fluffy cloudy days.  They always make me smile.   For all the details,  measurements,  tax, title… go to…

And have a great day!

chicken portraits…


From these photos you might get the idea I’m left handed.  I paint/write with my right hand,  everything else with my left.  In the first grade Ms. Knox decided I needed to be right handed.  I think she didn’t know how to teach me to write with my left hand.  Sounds good anyway.    I forget about it, so everything tends to look to the left.  🙂   Let’s call it me waving to Ms. Knox.  🙂

I print my name on the photo,  because there’s stinkers out there that will copy your art.  Shocking,  isn’t it?  😉   So if they just have to be dishonest… they have to spend the time trying to get my name off.   A little busy work never hurt anybody.

Did I tell you I have a pet chicken?  Ethel.  I’ve had pet chickens on and off all my life.  I can’t truly be happy unless I have a pet chicken.  Yep,  I’ve had roosters too.  Ethel had a boyfriend… George.   He went to Rooster Heaven.  No,  Ethel’s not lonely… she’s too cranky to be lonely. 

All the details about the chicken portraits will be on  very soon.

folk art paintings, primitive paintings…

I love Buster, Bonita, & Blue.   I’ll have to tell you the story on Buster and Bonita some time.  It’s true, and it’s sooo funny. 

The 3 cats are fun… they stay in trouble but are the best of friends. Can’t seperate them.

Crows & Moons… I can’t get enough of them.  3rd time I’ve used this idea, and it always comes out different.  I really like this one.  Smilin’ moon,  now that’s the best.

All of these and more are on my new website.  Click my name and it’ll magically take you there… or something like that.

PJ Hornberger Folk Art

art supplies!

It must be Christmas…. or the Lottery…. oh, Happy Days.  Jerry’s Artarama in Houston was having a killer sale this week.  I kept intending to go,  then one thing after the other came up.  So,  finally went this morning NO MATTER WHAT.  I got 70% off on these canvases.  Some are the 1.5 inch deep.  Love those.  Even got soft drawing pencils on sale.  I’ll be painting forever and ever.  I needed the smaller ones.  I had large sizes,  but no middle or small.  Now my studio is stocked.  I’m a very happy camper. 

My paint clothes are clean.  Studio is clean.  I’m gonna be dangerous….