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wild women

Lots of PJ art news….

Suzette and friend, Bella, have just arrived at  Somebody sent them  gorgeous yellow flowers.  All those details are on  Ya’ll really neeeeeed to visit cause we’re always havin’ parties and stuff.  I don’t want ya’ll missing anything.  We roasted marshmellows the other night and where were you?  See, that’s exactly what I mean.

And we had new videos… really good videos… they were the eye wipin’ kind.  (you know, you laugh so hard you tear up)   Pay attention… I’m losing ya.

Ok,  after supper come visit me at   Good Lord,  I have 6 followers on there.  And they’re all real nice folks.  big hug,  can’t wait to see ya’ll…..


folk art parties, online parties…

You’ve figured it out,  haven’t you?  Yep,  I haven’t done any art in weeks.  Christmas was uneventful, so that’s not a good excuse.  Had the flu which turned out  not to be terminal.  Then there were the days I contemplated life… got over that quickly.  New Years was boring… or I was… hate to admit that…

Now I’ve had this brain storm.  Yes,  there were flashing lights,  bells,  and moments of shere bliss…. well, maybe not that much bliss.  But it’s gonna be a new PJ.  Roll me over,  I am done.  Gonna do everything different.  Doesn’t matter if it’s right,  just has to be different… and fun.

Ya see,  I’ve had a gallery for years… one place or another.  A store front… whatever they call it.  Shorter version of a longer one…. I’m over it.  Just burned out,  sick and tired,  whatever.  Not a negative thing… just want to do something different.  So I’ve decided 2011 is the time to do it.  Nope I don’t have a written down plan.  Just ideas floating around in my head.

My folk art,  no way I can give that up.  That’s  who I am,  want to be,   makes me happy kind of stuff.  My idea is to have online shows plus art parties by invitation or something.  Fun and different is what I’m going for.  And a little crazy.  Plus I want to do more writing about those crazy people that live in my head.  They keep reminding me they need out from time to time.  And let’s face it… writing on bathroom walls isn’t popular since they’ve got those cameras everywhere.  A girl just can’t have any fun anymore….

Anyway,  one more time I’m researching self publishing small batches of books.  I don’t have a clue how you do it,  not sure if I can do it.  Just another idea I want to look at…. soon.  Bonita is thumping my left inner ear real hard.  She wants me to tell about the time she was a snake charmer in the circus…. wild women.  They’ve always gotta tell their stories…. 

So that’s a few of the ideas that are banging around in my head.  Not sure if all of them will happen.  That’s not important.  It’s the idea that gets me up in the morning…. maybe not out of my gown just yet… but I’m working on that.  🙂

and I wanna make more videos…. but not in my gown…

old movies…

Did you ever watch Sinbad movies when you were a kid?  Or the really old Tarzan movies?  Those had to be my favorites.  Especially Sinbad.  I loved the monsters/creatures he had to fight.  The storms they sailed thru.  The exotic islands  where they always found danger.  I watched an old Sinbad a few months ago.  Got lucky one Sunday afternoon.  The lead woman was  Bing Crosby’s wife.  Can’t remember her name right this minute.  She was originally from Houston,  I think.  Anyway,  some evil somebody shrank her,  so Sinbad had to carry her around in a very elaborate tiny box.  It was all very romantic.  Of course she was beautiful,  with a long pony tail.  

At the beginning of the movie,  when they were showing the credits, etc.  they had this old folky map as a back ground.  It showed the sea,  Sinbad’s ship,  monsters Sinbad had to battle. It was so cool.  Of course I wanted to paint it.  Do my version.  Which so far hasn’t happened.  Wish they showed more of those old movies. 

Tarzan was my second love.  No,  I didn’t want to be Jane.  All she did was put her hand to her mouth,  turn ever so slightly,  and scream her head off.   I was gonna be a female Tarzan.  I wanted to wrestle those alligators,  swing from the trees.  And of course I was going to need a really cool monkey.  I was going to call those elephants all day long.  The natives were going to be my new best friends…. except for the head hunters.  I’d have to straighten out those guys.  I wonder if I can still call the elephants loud enough for the neighbors to hear…..

Update:  Just got lucky and watched Jason and the Argonauts!  He had to battle a 7 headed serpent to get to the golden fleece.  Fell in love with Merdena,  who was shot with an arrow,  but brought back to life with the golden fleece. (it has healing powers)  That was some powerful old goat.   The ship was almost sank in a narrow strait,  but the Water God, (can’t remember his name)  saved them. I think he was a Merman… he had a fish tale and scales.   They had to leave Hercules on an island, he was looking for his friend.  He wasn’t as tall as I thought he would be.   Did I tell you the mast head on the ship was a blonde Goddess that would open her eyes and give Jason advise.  Of coarse each time he had to figure out what she was talking about.  That may be where all those blonde jokes started.  Close to the end Jason had to fight 7 skeletons with swords.  He finally jumped off a cliff and they drowned.  It was a close call.  What an adventure…  can’t wait until next time….

bathing beauty….

Bathing Beauty

Isn’t she gorgeous?  I did her several years ago.  She lives in Houston.  She’s done in clay on a wooden stool.  I think I did a series of 3 or 4 of these, all large women.   I’d like to do more.  This one was the first.  I hope you’re enjoying the photos of my past work,  because I’m having the best time showing them!  Have a great afternoon. xx PJ

the Texas Woman

Have you visited the Texas Woman lately?  If you haven’t,  you need to/want to.  She’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She’s going to be a survivor,  but it never ever hurts to have a few more prayers, positive vibes/thoughts.  Besides that,  she’s just funny.  She’s doing her best to deal with this the same way she deals with everything else.  One Texas tough woman.  She’s not doing a bad job, either.  The humor is crazy,  but you gotta know Cher to appreciate it.  Nothing is off limits with her. She has lots of good friends/new friends pulling for her,  and a few more would be nice.  So stop by, say hello,  give her a hug.  She likes hugs.  And a prayer would be nice….  xoxo PJ

that chocolate cake eating fairy…

That fat fairy has struck again. You know the one… she eats the chocolate anything before I can get a bite. This is the one that The Texas Woman made for me, red bow and all. And it’s a pretty cup too. The fairy loved it, her butt is spreading, she’ll never get off the ground. She does love that chocolate. Go to The Texas Woman’s blog to get this recipe. It is good… according to the chocolate eating fairy…
Had such a good time at her house! Came home with treasures, a car full of treasures.
She had had a pitcher full of margaritas by the time I got there, was dancing on the table, thank God she had her clothes on. A wild woman! She spits real bad. Such a bad habit…
And a nice time was had by all…
I forgot, her house is cool. I want her to show this one mirror AGAIN on her blog. It is fine. And got to see Rene’s house, which is a huge treat. So many treasures. Had to kiss her dog, he’s my height…