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Yes,  I do commissions.  But only when I’m not busy with other things.  So if you plan on waiting 3 years,  it probably won’t happen.  🙂  Usually it shouldn’t take me more than 6 to 8 weeks.  If it’s going to take longer,  I will let you know.  Also,  if you’d like,  I can email photos of the progress I’m making on the painting. 

My favorite commission to do is family portraits.  I need a photo of each person,  the color of their eyes,  color of their hair.  (some photos don’t show details… a painting does)   If you have an idea for a pet portrait, etc. email a photo and I’ll see if it works for me.    Almost forgot,  please don’t mail any photos that you want returned.  Only send emails.  (I lose everything) 🙂

When I paint a portrait it’s not going to look realistic,  not going to look like an abstract,  or some other style.  It’s not going to match your sofa.   It’s going to be folky, colorful…. it’s going to look like PJ painted it.  My style is not going to change directions.  In the end it’s up to me how it looks, and it will be my best.

If you want to have it framed,  please let me know up front.  I do fun colorful frames that I think go with the painting,  but you may prefer something else.  

Get an idea of how large you want the canvas,   then I can quote a price with or without a frame.   The painting has to be paid for in full before I start working on it. 

Thank you for your interest.  Any questions?   Email  and I’ll get back to you as quick as possible.


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