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sneak peek…

Would you see if you think the furniture is arranged right?  Do I need new curtains?  Do you like the colors?  Check on the kitchen table… there should be cookies and milk waiting for you…. that is if Shirley hasn’t gotten into them.  She doesn’t drink that much… LOL


collecting art….

Do you collect art? 
When did you start? 
Did someone get you started  collecting?
Did they guide you on the artist that you should collect?  
Did you meet the artist? 
Do you collect for an investment or love? 
Do your friends collect art?
Do you know how many pieces of art you own? 
Prints or originals?
Those questions will get us all to thinking, I hope.  If you have the time,  please answer a few or all… in a comment.  I would love to know how you feel about art….  if you share your life with it,  or is it just there.  Thank you…. PJ


Bottle cap mirror frame made by an artist in Mexico… I think.

Clay face jug and clay pig by Marie Rodgers… Georgia

I got to meet Ms. Marie at her home.  She was so sweet and a hoot.  At that time she was in her 90’s.  That’s been several years back.  It was a treat to meet and visit with her.   …..just put on more art!

PJ Hornberger Folk Art Gallery

Finished ‘Sale Day’!!!!  Just painted the edge,  so I’ll photograph it later today.  Then I’ll show it off.  It is soooo busy.  So much going on in this painting.  I’m very happy with it. 

Yeah!!!!  We’re finishing up on the Gallery here in Carmine.  I cannot wait to show you.  I’ll be posting photos here,  plus probably do a video on YouTube.  We’re going to be


on Mother’s Day,  which is tomorrow.  We’ll be open as quick as possible.  Normally on Sunday we’ll be open at noon,  but I’m looking forward to turning that open sign around… I don’t think I can wait that long.  LOL 

Well, I said I never ever would…. and I lied.  I’m on Twitter.  Or is it Tweeter… can’t get that straight.  🙂   Nobody’s following me.  Not sure where I’d go,  but it seems like someone would want to know.  Maybe if I made up stuff it would be more interesting…. I could just make up big fat lies like I rarely do after a very few margaritas….  hmmm….  where Mother always shops….

roasted chicken…

She cooks… did I mention I like to cook?   I like to cook a lot!   So that means from time to time you’re gonna have to look at something I’ve cooked.  Just pretend you’re interested.  Humor me… it’s good for my therapy… LOL

Last night I roasted that fat fryer you’re looking at.   And I made mushroom rice.  It was so good.  I made enough that we ate it again today.  Nobody complained. 

Wanna know how I did that bird?  Give it a try…. I don’t think it’s possible to screw this up.  Now I don’t use measurements… I pour it in my hand, if it looks right… it’s gonna work.

You need one big fat fryer.  Not a baking hen.  Kosher salt… gotta have kosher…. fresh cracked black pepper… (buy a cheap coffee grinder and pepper corns. you won’t believe the difference)… a pinch or two of dry thyme…dried parsley… several things of fresh garlic…. good olive oil.

Preheat oven to 425 to 450…. Rinse chicken….. pat dry with paper towels… throw it in the pan…. pour olive oil inside and out…. I mix together a small hand full of Kosher salt,  hand full of cracked pepper, thyme,  and dried parsley if I have it.  Rub that inside and out all over chicken.  It will not be too much salt if you use Kosher.  Now put all those garlic cloves inside the chicken.  Flip back the wings,  tie  (cotton string)  her ankles together. 

Roast uncovered for an hour 15 minutes.  Ya gotta let it rest at least 10 minutes before slicing.  Do Not Stick It With A Fork!!!   That’ll let out all the juices…. which makes a dry chicken.   Which you better not be blamin’ on me! LOL   The meat on the legs should be pulling away from the bone a little. 

Figure out if your oven cooks fast or slow.  Does it get all the way up to temp… or almost.  That’ll help you deciding exactly how long it needs to cook.  It should be a really nice golden brown.  Don’t wimp out on the Kosher salt or Fresh cracked black pepper.  It won’t be hot…. it’ll have flavor.  I promise. 

Now we’ve cooked together,  talked art together…. I think we’ve bonded. 🙂   I know… I’m in a very good mood and you have to put up with it.  LOL  big hug… have a fantastic weekend… drop by and say hello.   and she cooks….

gallery sneek peek…


I do creative spelling… this one has the spell checker stumped.  Is it peek?  or peak?  what about sneak? 

Do I like polka dots?  You can’t be serious.  LOL!!!!!

Lovin’  those polka dots,  aren’t you?  🙂

Keep your fingers crossed that little thing gets above 90 cents.  LOL

Just a little somthin’ to make you smile…. you are smilin’ aren’t you?  LOL  If you’re in shock… it should wear off in a minute or two.  Don’t panic… this is called FUN!!!!  big hug

Are we havin’ fun yet?

For the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about this… so here goes.  When you do crafts or art, you should be having fun,  not trying to do perfection.  There is no such of a thing.  So get over it.  If you’re happy with it,  you are a success. 

 I don’t recommend asking for critiques.  They’re going to tell you how THEY would do it.  Do you want to do your art or theirs?  Stop and think about it.  Do you really want yours to look like theirs?  If that’s the case, ya shoulda just bought one of theirs.  LOL  Remember, this is my opinion… it’s worth what you paid for it.

If you haven’t tried on your own,  do you really think someone can teach you how to do it perfect?  Give it a try.  Life will not end as you know it because it’s not perfect. LOL

My Mother taught me fear of failure. I had to get it right first time out.  So I didn’t try.  My husband gave me the gift of you can throw it away and do another one. LOL  That was the best present I have ever gotten from anyone. If I truly don’t like  it, I can throw it away.  No big deal.  I did not fail.  It was a learning curve.  I can not do my very best each and every time.  No one can.  And that’s OK. 

Give yourself that permission.  When you do,  it feels so good.  Big weight off your shoulders.  I wrote around the door in my studio… Are we havin’ fun yet?   Cause if I’m not,  I don’t wanna play any more. 😉

I’ve said most of these things in videos on my YouTube channel.  This is my first try at writing them down.  I hope it makes sense to you.  It’s a present that I want to pass along.  thanks,  PJ

Queen Shirley…. sold

Landscape WIP

Just had to show you how this painting is coming along.  They’re having a sale day.  Chairs, pigs, watermelons, chickens, pumkins, and lots more will be 4 sale.   Can’t wait to see what else they drag out.  Don’t you just love a good sale?  I know I do. 🙂

Hope to have this finished in the next couple of days…. check back to see my progress.  Thanks for your interest in my art.  You are much appreciated!  a nice place to look for a bargain…