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folk art… sold…


The lady in the bathing suit was the first of a series I did … ‘Bathing Beauties’.  Loved those girls.  I’d love to do more…

The Church scene was perfect in that frame.  The funky faux woodgrain  kinda set off the painting.

The Crow was so skinny… I musta been on a diet about that time.  Since then… I have given up that craziness…… LOL

The eye ball… well,  I love eyeballs.  Can’t explain it.  This one is for  guests that refuse to go home….  they’ve stayed way too long.  Just sit the eye where it stares at them… starts to creep ’em  out… they go home.  🙂  I shoulda been a physiologist… gotta learn how to spell it first.

Hope you’re having a good week.  If not,  make some adjustments.  🙂 

Buy Art… it’ll make you really good lookin’..


Things are looking up today.  It’s warm… as in the 70’s.  Going to be 60 tonight.  Now that makes me very happy.   Shirley is celebrating by going outside.  That cat loves going in and out.  While it was cold,  so very cold,  she gave that up.  She slept her way thru two northers. 

I have so many art ideas in the works.  Can’t decide which one to do.  I want to do automata’s again.  That’s the fancy name for what I use to call:  it’s gonna move.  LOL   I made a few things that moved.  A little boy chasing a pig around a tree.  A cat that danced… and danced.  Oh,  and a cow that jumped over the moon.  I think I did a ‘counting sheep’  but it’s been so long I can’t remember.  I wish I’d had my Flip video thing back when.  I’d have proof! 

I want to do a crow that moves…. maybe a dancing chicken… or belly dancer.  Stick around and see what pops up.  🙂  It’ll be fun… I promise.

Almost forgot…. I’m going to do a mermaid  art quilt.  So far I have the design/sketch done…. which I rarely follow. 🙂   Drawn directions don’t work for me…. I like to see where it goes with a little nudge here and there.  I think that has something to do with being an artist. 

Ya’ll have a really good day.  Do you like the new look on my blog?   I hope so… cause I really do and I’m not changing it.  Ha!  Oh… I think I’m gonna be full of it today….  watch out world…. xo

crow art quilt

Crow Art Quilt

12 x 16  (canvas)

Ingredients:  muslin, acrylics, pencil, ink, thread sketching, beads, varnish, vintage buttons, mounted on a painted canvas,  ready to hang.

It’s on the Art Page and will be on  very soon.

Folk art makes you better looking…. 🙂

WIP… and folk art….

The crow  is another art quilt/fabric painting.  I’m hooked on these.  Just so many ways to go with it.  Worked in the studio most of the day…. got so much done.  Hope to show you more on this one tomorrow. 

Is this cool or what?  It was used on a sailing ship.  It burned whale oil.  When the ship was tossing and turning in high seas… the light wouldn’t go out because the wick always pointed up.  Everything still moves on it.

Some of my favorite things.  I carved the pig in 1983 out of mahogany.  The glass ball I’ve had forever.  That Adam and Eve paintings are by one artist,  framed together.  That is my favorite painting.  The lamp shade I did with mostly clear buttons  for fun. 

Thanks for looking.  Have a nice night. xo  PJ  ~  online folk art gallery

folk art paintings, primitive paintings…

I love Buster, Bonita, & Blue.   I’ll have to tell you the story on Buster and Bonita some time.  It’s true, and it’s sooo funny. 

The 3 cats are fun… they stay in trouble but are the best of friends. Can’t seperate them.

Crows & Moons… I can’t get enough of them.  3rd time I’ve used this idea, and it always comes out different.  I really like this one.  Smilin’ moon,  now that’s the best.

All of these and more are on my new website.  Click my name and it’ll magically take you there… or something like that.

PJ Hornberger Folk Art

Etsy and Halloween creations…

Boo in a Box looks a lot better in this photo don’t ya think?  More like he’s doin’ Halloween instead of a white sheet sale at Macy’s.  I’m thinkin’ I’m gonna do a larger one of these similar. 

Did ya see my CrowFish?  Yes, it’s a new species… discovered by me,  PJ Hornberger,  of course.  They travel far and wide,  especially on Halloween.  I highlighted him with iridescent watercolors in blues, greens,  and silvers.  He shimmers when you walk by.  I am totally in love with him.  He came out exactly like I saw him in my head.  Yes,  I do have visions.  Sometimes I can make them appear… other times I just wish they had. 🙂

Wanna see more photos of the crow?  Oh, hush… I know you do.

Just think… he could be yours….

Now on my Etsy store!  Or click link under

Special Places.

almost forgot…

The Summer Antiques Show at

the Big Red Barn  

hwy. 237  Round Top, Texas

turn at hwy. 290 in Carmine ~half way between Houston & Austin

Sat. & Sun. 26 & 27 starts at 10:am

It’s a great show, lots of good stuff.  And check out the great shops in Carmine.


Halloween fun!

Sneak Peak

Just wanted to show you a little progress on the Halloween pieces I’m working on.  Don’t forget, these will be for sale online May 23 8pm  Central Standard Time on PJ’s Studio and Shop.

It’s gonna be fun.  Don’t miss it!


It’s like giving birth…. 🙂