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Heart and doodles

Good morning!  I didn’t get this one finished last night.  The one on the right side.  I had planned to doodle all the way up with swirls… now I’m thinking it needs some words/text/something.  What would you do?

That’s why it’s good to have other pages with background paint on them.  You can skip to another page while giving the other one some thought.  Same way with paintings, sculpture, etc.  If I work on more than one painting,  I can always switch to something else if I get stuck.

Only problem with that… you have to have the discipline to come back and FINISH.  Lots of artists have that problem.  Lots of projects,  very few completed.  Not a good habit to have.  I’m obsessed with finishing it.  Even if I know it’s  ugly. LOL  I’m determined to see if I can fix it.  If I still hate it after I varnish… I’ll give it a few days,  maybe a week.  Then it goes in the trash.  I don’t want to see it again.  Or I paint over it and try something different.  How do you deal with your rejects?  Unfinished art? 

Ok,  to the studio for me.  Yea!  so much to see….


Art journal page with Doodles

altered page

I’ll admit it… I just had to do some blue behind those clouds.  For the clouds I used a fat Faber-Castell soft grey marker.  Wish I had a lot of those.  Super to color with.  I doodled in the white space around the pictures.  Fun to do. 

Almost forgot… I used a brush pen… another Faber-Castelle pen for the doodles.  Love that brand of pen.  Have you started your art journal yet?  No?  Get busy.  You’re gonna love it.   a fun place to shop and enjoy  folk art….

Great place to find used books cheap =  thrift stores 

talking board….

Talkin’  board  by PJ Hornberger  2009

I did this on MDF board.  I thought it would be easier than canvas,  but it wasn’t.  Writing/drawing with pens on a hard surface all day is hard on your wrist and hand.  I’ll stick to canvas next time. 

Have you looked at my Links page?  There’s some neat artists on there.    I try to stick with just artists’ blogs.  Would you like to have a link of your art blog or art website on it?  Email  or leave a comment on this post. 

Thanks for reading my blog.  You are appreciated.  I welcome questions about what I do, ect.  And I love comments.  Have a good day…. xo


altered pages with Doodles

I just love big pictures.  LOL  Makes my glasses work better.  These are pages I did last year,  I think.  I was really into shiny pens…. okay,  I still am.  It’s just that they don’t photograph so good.  Aw,  who cares…. you’re smart,  you’ll figure it out.  

The background is acrylics painted over a book page.  Then I paint the shapes in.  As you can see,  I love words, phrases.  Then I doodle all around ’em.  You can’t imagine how long you can spend on one small page…. but it’s not important to finish it right that minute.  If you get stuck,  go to the next one.  I have several of these books going at one time. 

I think I’ll be calling it doodles,  doodling, scribbles, or scribbling from now on.  That couple, can’t remember their name… they say they “invented”  zentangles  and have registered the name.  Now I think they’re “certifying instructors”.   It all sounds way too important for me.  I’ve been doodling all my life on anything that didn’t crawl off.  I musta been having a vision cause they just invented it a couple of years ago.  LMAO!!!!!  I know,  I’m being bad.  🙂    Can’t help it… it’s Wednesday.  🙂

Speaking of Wednesday…. Justified    comes on tonight on FX.   Rayland Gibbons is the main character.  This may be love…  he can wear a hat.   The writers are very good,  plus whoever is directing lets the actors do their thing,  cause they’re all really good.  Great one liners,  great timing.  It’s a  fun only because  of some of the characters,  not because it’s suppose to be a comedy. 

Ya’ll have a good day.  Have a creative day.  xo