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Lots of PJ art news….

Suzette and friend, Bella, have just arrived at  Somebody sent them  gorgeous yellow flowers.  All those details are on  Ya’ll really neeeeeed to visit cause we’re always havin’ parties and stuff.  I don’t want ya’ll missing anything.  We roasted marshmellows the other night and where were you?  See, that’s exactly what I mean.

And we had new videos… really good videos… they were the eye wipin’ kind.  (you know, you laugh so hard you tear up)   Pay attention… I’m losing ya.

Ok,  after supper come visit me at   Good Lord,  I have 6 followers on there.  And they’re all real nice folks.  big hug,  can’t wait to see ya’ll…..


longhorns, pigs, and a tree….

More folk art that I did in the past.  The pigs,  tree, and long horn I carved out of redwood.  Hope ya’ll have a creative fun week.  I hope I get lots of art finished.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.  LOL  

Buying art makes your eyes twinkle…

baby’s got a new pair of shoes…

OK,  I really was working.  Working hard… for awhile.   Then I kept noticing how boring these new shoes are.  Just brown.. only brown.  Can’t remember the last time I wore just brown  shoes.  Ho hum…. snore…  Not at all inspiring.  And I kept dropping stuff, having to bend down and there’d be those boring shoes just staring at me…. gave me a chill I’m tellin’ ya.

So I thought a couple of polka dots would help… they faded real fast… needed another coat… and another….  Then they just needed a little something extra.  Not much,  but something.  Well I want you to know,  that bottle of hot pink paint jumped outta that tray and screamed, HERE I AM!!!!  So there I was… I could not turn back…

When I wear these little precious babies… I will NOT be bored… and neither will anybody else.  Have a creative day… I have. 🙂

Mermaid sneak peak…

What would be a good mermaid name?  Right this minute I can’t think of a thing. 

 Just had to show you how she’s coming along.  Got all the beads on… I think.  Now to get her on the canvas… that’s always fun.  🙂   I’m hoping that happens tomorrow.  I have 3 pieces waiting …. in line… 🙂   Have a fun week! …..PJ


                                                 if you feel the need to go shopping….

folk art collection…

A tramp art mirror frame I carved years ago.  Was going to sell it,  then decided I need to look at it some more.  It was the hardest one to do.  Took forever to carve all those circles.  I kept thinking ‘why did I do so  many?’   LOL

Last week I went over to the Copper Shade Tree to see their art quilt/fabric art showing.  Oh, my.  So many wonderful things.  Such talent.  All very comtempory and well done.  Check out their website.  Nice folks = great art. 

I’m suppose to be working on a mermaid fabric painting/art quilt.  But everything has been getting in my way.  She’s really looking good… almost ready to start to embellish her.  I love the thread sketching on the machine.  I’m not the best at it…. it definitely looks like I did it. 🙂   She has flaming red hair. LOL   Couldn’t help myself. 

How about another photo from my folk art collection?  This one is an artist in Austin.  Of coarse I can’t remember the name…   she does cools stuff…. g’night…

I love his eyes and teeth and the tie and the plaid pants.  🙂  He makes me smile.

Studio stuff… and Jesus


Yea!  Studio day!  I’m gonna work in the studio today.  Getting a late start,  but that’s not a problem.  I’ll work faster and later.  🙂   Sounds like a plan to me.

Sure hope someone sneaks in and makes chicken gumbo… that’ll probably be me… later.  Love that stuff and it’s even better as leftovers… for days.  So I can work,  so R can work,  and NOBODY has to cook.  It works.  If you’re sick of gumbo,  make a sandwich… yourself. 🙂

And what are you doing today?  Lots of creative things?  I hope so.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be making art.  During lunch take a notepad and make little drawing & lists of ideas that you want to try later.  Keep one in you car,  take it with you to appointments.  Doctors waste my time by making me wait…. so I do art in my head and put it on paper.  There’s only so much room in my head you know…..

And it’s OK to have several note pads/sketch pads/moleskins around.  I have a tiny one that lives in my purse.  It could fit in a shirt pocket,  or jeans pocket.  If you forget a pen,  borrow one.  Once they see what you’re doing…. and they get to watch… the pen is yours. LOL  It’s a plan…

Have a great day… I smell pancakes coming outta the oven.  R’s speciality… my favorite with blueberry stuff on top.

lookin’ goooood……

I am having so much fun…. as if you couldn’t tell.  It was time to rearrange this blog.  I’ve wanted a front page without the side columns… finally got that.  And more color.  Only took about 4 hours… my brain in fried… but I love the new look!

Very soon I’m hoping to have videos on here.  Keep your fingers crossed. And some other new things. 

Ya’ll have a good Wednesday…. xo PJ