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Altered book page in an Art Journal I did a few years back.

Oh, my…. I have worked all day putting art on my new improved website.  I think I have 25 pieces on there, and more to do.  I think I’ll quit for today… my brain is in computer over load.  But I had to do a post and tell somebody… bless your heart… you’re it. LOL   xo


my eyes have seen….

Wire Head catching a boat load….

Isn’t he something?  I did a series of Wire Heads.  Would love to do more.  But onward with new designs/ideas is the best direction. 🙂

Went to the eye Dr. today.  I’m not going blind. 🙂   Didn’t even need new glasses according to her.  More drops,  eye cream stuff.  Allergies.   Well,  what’s new with that?  The wind has been blowing in Texas for over a month.  Lots of dust in the air. We finally got rain in our area yesterday.  So thankful for that.  No Dust!  Yeah.  But it sure took a lot of rain dancing to get that stuff falling from the sky. LOL   I’m about wore out….  😉

Tomorrow I’ll be putting more art on  What am I saying… I just put a large landscape on there.  More to come tonight and tomorrow.  Sneak a peek.  Did you know you can leave comments on there?  No joke.  I thought that was cool.  Someone came up with the idea that I do a  WIP page with photos on the website.  Just might be doing that.

Here’s another Wire Head to make you giggle.  


(no you cannot use my design… :-]  you can think up somthin’ on your own if you put some time into it.  It’s called ‘work’.  LOL  don’t take the easy route and copy…. it’s not nice, and it’s against the law!)  

Ya’ll have a good weekend.  Spend some time with people you like… that make you laugh. xo

folk art fish

Totally forgot to show you this crazy fish I did.  Think it has enough color or what?!  It doesn’t glow in the dark…  just almost. LOL  I had too much fun doing this one.  Hope you can see some of the detail.  His scales are shiny… his body is matte.  When the light hits him,  he looks like he’s moving.   😉 

Okay… gotta go paint.  The gallery walls look so bare….   a nice place to fish next week….


Once again I’m working on everything at once.  Seems to be my favorite way  work sometimes.  It can be fun… then again it can make ya crazy…  So far this week I’m not crazy… at least not noticeably…  🙂


Don’t know why I paint scenes this way…. just seems to be the way to do it.  I taught myself to paint… I taught myself to carve… I taught myself to sculpt clay, cook, sew,etc.  That’s always worked for me.  That way I get to do it my way.  Which I’m convinced is the only way to do it. 🙂  Kidding of coarse…. but if it’s got my name on it… and I’m going to take credit for it… well, you get the idea. 

When I was at my favorite art store last week,  the woman behind the counter said that I have to take classes.  No way around it… that I can’t teach myself to do art.  Told her it’d been working for me for 30 years… she wanted to know what galleries I’m in.   I hope I don’t have to change art stores.  I really like that one… or I did.  But I don’t like attitude… never have.  I’ll give them one more try…. then I’m gone.  Buying art supplies is suppose to be FUN.  It’s my favorite thing to do. 🙂  Don’t know an artist that doesn’t love it.  I’d spend my very last dollar on another tube of paint… 🙂

Not finished with the girls…. I love these girls.  I think I see a series in my future….


I swear this fish is going to look better than this. LOL 🙂   I had that modeling paste all over me, all over the work table,  even Herbert.  That is a bad fish!

And this is the scene of the crime… so to speak.  Actually I cleaned this area before I started working… Everything has to be within arms reach,   or I spend way too much time huntin’ stuff.  Takes all the fun out of it. 🙂

Smart people by art… really

folk art and pets….

Good morning…. I’m up way too early.  In another couple of hours I’ll be ready for a nap. 🙂  Enough complaining for today. 


she’s on the table posing for the camera

The photos are of sold art that I did in the past…. and former much loved pets that have moved on.  Got more to show you tomorrow…. thanks for looking. x’s  PJ

Buy Art ~ it’ll make you smile..

fish man…

Okay, I admit it.  The paint is still wet.  I took as long as possible… it’s humid today… and I need a nap or ice cream… can’t decide which.  

So he’s a little shiny… but that’ll go away… except his eyes.  He’s got great eyes.  Green with a little gold.  He shaves his head so his hair won’t be fishy smelling… or that’s what he tells everyone.  I think it’s cause he thinks he looks like a macho man.  But don’t tell him… just let him dream. 

If you’re interested… email me…  or  he’ll be on  very soon…. like later today… maybe tonight. 

Have a good Friday!  …PJ, of course 

fish lips…and beans….

Yes, the rumor is true…. that skunk is gone!  Or at least he hasn’t visited since last time he stunk up the place.  LOL  Hope he’s madly in love about a mile down the road…

Back in the studio today.  Working on more clay things.  I think they’re gonna be fun.  Can’t wait for them to get dry.  I’ll crank up the dehumidifier later so they’ll be dry tomorrow.  Love that machine. 

Tonight I’m making Charro Beans… I think.  LOL  A new Mexican restaurant in Brenham makes the best bowl of beans.  So good.  So I’m giving it a try.  Nope,  I don’t have a recipe… I just make it up as I go along.  I know I can’t make them exactly like theirs.  I’ll be happy if mine are in the neighborhood.  I put Chariso  (fried and drained first)  into them.  Got my fingers crossed.  (very creative spelling)

Just a quick peak at my guys…

Does that fish have lips or what?!