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Heart and doodles

Good morning!  I didn’t get this one finished last night.  The one on the right side.  I had planned to doodle all the way up with swirls… now I’m thinking it needs some words/text/something.  What would you do?

That’s why it’s good to have other pages with background paint on them.  You can skip to another page while giving the other one some thought.  Same way with paintings, sculpture, etc.  If I work on more than one painting,  I can always switch to something else if I get stuck.

Only problem with that… you have to have the discipline to come back and FINISH.  Lots of artists have that problem.  Lots of projects,  very few completed.  Not a good habit to have.  I’m obsessed with finishing it.  Even if I know it’s  ugly. LOL  I’m determined to see if I can fix it.  If I still hate it after I varnish… I’ll give it a few days,  maybe a week.  Then it goes in the trash.  I don’t want to see it again.  Or I paint over it and try something different.  How do you deal with your rejects?  Unfinished art? 

Ok,  to the studio for me.  Yea!  so much to see….


my new improved website…  looks a lot better!  Marla’s website is so cool… made mine look really bad.  So today I did some tweaking,  gonna do more tweaking.  It looks sooooo much better. 

When I originally did it… I confess… I just threw it up there.  As long as it worked,  I was satisfied… the word is “lazy”.   Always said I’d redo it… that’s called a “big ol’ whopper”.   So today, even though I’m freezing to death in this old house… (almost the truth)  I worked on the pooter (what my kids use to call it).  

It’s got red all over it… Truely my favorite color.  When you have 5 minutes,  go admire it.  Remember… it’s almost as good looking as Marla’s….    I’m going to catch up to her any day now.   and I’m not spittin’ in the wind about that one.  🙂 

Ya’ll have a nice night… stay warm… say a little prayer for those oranges in Florida… I gotta have my orange juice!  xo PJ

Valentine Art Party Preview is up…


Preview is on

PJ’s Valentine Party online…

all the photos… go see!

last of the sneak peaks….


These are the last of the sneak peaks…. Tomorrow I’ll be emailing a preview,  plus putting one here.  On Tuesday night,  all the details will be included. 

PJ’s Valentine Art Party online

don’t be late…  🙂

Zentangle ball… Valentine party peaks…

Have you left a comment to win this Zentangle/Doodle ball?  How about entering twice?  Leave the most unusual first name that you have heard.  No making up names… you stinkers.  How about an unusual family first name?  I’ll put you name in the bowl again,  or twice if this is your first time to enter.  You have until tomorrow afternoon…. maybe 3pm.

Another sneak peak of  the art that’ll be on Tuesday night…

and maybe another one…

Are we gonna have fun or what?!  Don’t be late.

PJ’s Valentine Party online

Feb. 1st  ~  8 pm  Central Standard Time  ~  Tuesday evening

and another peak…

Wish this photo was larger…  cause you are going to love this one.  The other side has all kinds of surprises going on. 

More to come…

PJ’s Valentine Art Party online…

Feb 1  Tuesday  8pm sharp… Central Standard time

We’ll be there with bells on… so bring the bubbly and wear your cuties jammies! xoPJ

PJ’s Valentine Art Party online peak

Loves me… Loves me not…

 🙂  This is another one of those sneaky photos.  On Monday the 31st  I’ll show a preview of all the art.  Incase I forgot to mention…. I’m talking about PJ’s Valentine Art Party .  Feb. 1, 2011  8 pm  Central Standard Time.  I forget to mention we’re Central Standard. Sorry.  This is gonna be fun.  Don’t be late!  More details in posts below.  Scroll down for more stuff.

Don’t know his name yet, so far it’s Good Dog… I’m trying to get this one finished for the party… but he’s sooooo fussy.  He wants to wear EVERY THING.  He’s been puttin’ so much of that whitener on his teeth he glows in the dark.  Lord,  I’ve never seen a more vain male in my life.  Just fusses and fusses over himself.  Okay,  guess I better get the work clothes on and see if he’s gonna want his nails done. 

Set your clock and calendar for Feb. 1 ~ Tuesday ~ 8pm Central Standard time.  We’ll be ready to party! 

PJ’s Valentine Art Party online