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Happy Easter and another altered page

WordPress is cranky… it won’t let me put photos where I want photos…. now I’m cranky…

…… dirty word

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter with family and friends… and enough eggs to hunt for days and days and days….  :)

the page on the right I did out of a smaller used book that I like to work out of.  I’ve already painted all the pages in the book…. plus the shapes for words.  Easier that way, plus it lets me be more creative when I’m working on a page.  I like that.  

Plus the darn paint is completely dry.  LOL  Writing, drawing, doodling on semi-dry paint can cancel a creative roll you may be on.  That I can’t handle.  Too hard to get it back.  My advice is to do as much background painting as possible,  let it dry.  Then if you want splashes of color here and there… a blow dryer will work for that. 

A blow dryer in the studio is my best friend.  I use a small cheap one.  Don’t want it to fry anything,  just blow warm air.  If you don’t use it on high,  it’ll last forever.  

The button cover is my  idea.  I love buttons.  Yes,  I painted them on the book cover.  I haven’t had one to come off.  It’s a tough little book.  

Keep looking for those eggs….  I know there’s more out there.  LOL   where the fun begins….


WIP… and folk art….

The crow  is another art quilt/fabric painting.  I’m hooked on these.  Just so many ways to go with it.  Worked in the studio most of the day…. got so much done.  Hope to show you more on this one tomorrow. 

Is this cool or what?  It was used on a sailing ship.  It burned whale oil.  When the ship was tossing and turning in high seas… the light wouldn’t go out because the wick always pointed up.  Everything still moves on it.

Some of my favorite things.  I carved the pig in 1983 out of mahogany.  The glass ball I’ve had forever.  That Adam and Eve paintings are by one artist,  framed together.  That is my favorite painting.  The lamp shade I did with mostly clear buttons  for fun. 

Thanks for looking.  Have a nice night. xo  PJ  ~  online folk art gallery

folk art zinnia painting….

Yes,  I finally finished a painting.  The varnish is almost dry…  I can never wait,  gotta photograph it NOW!  I love to paint zinnias… some call them ol’maids.  Must be because they come in so many different colors.  Love the detail of the petals.

The canvas was covered in tissue paper,  gessoed,  then painted with acrylics.  Varnished.  This will be on my website for sale in a few minutes…. right after my nap.  🙂   I can’t help it!  R coughed all night,  I woke up way too early,  Herbert was in this tight little ball under my last rib….  see,  I do need a nap. 🙂  A big fat nap.  Herbert’s eyeing the bed right now.   He thinks he needs one too…..  darn Chihuahuas….

Forget the nap… the neighbor decided to weedeat/blow leaves.  So on to putting the zinnia painting on  Not going to happen today.  Adobe flash something or other is gone.  That’s ’cause of my computer trouble a couple of weeks ago. 

So!  The painting is 18 x 24  ready to hang.  If you’re interested,  email me at for all the details.  Have a good day! xo

primitive painting


I know,  I know.  Pumkins and wildflowers at the same time?  In my head,  everything is possible.  I love big fluffy cloudy days.  They always make me smile.   For all the details,  measurements,  tax, title… go to…

And have a great day!

folk art, buttons, book necklaces

Have you left a comment on the “adopt a green cat”  post?  Well,  you better hurry.  I’m giving it away Sunday afternoon.  Your name needs to be in the bowl.  Please leave your comment on the

‘Adopt a Green Cat’  post…. below.

OK, gotta tell you how I got these gorgeous buttons.  Yesterday morning… let’s just say it wasn’t starting out to be a good day for me.  My friend Patsy called,  wanted to know if I was going to Threads. (stitching group I go to on Wed.)  Told her no,  I was staying in bed.  Whine. 

Herbert & I  took a nap, felt a little better,  decided I’d go and just be cranky.  Some crazy person mentioned politics,  and I was cranky.   So here comes Precious Patsy with a present.  She knows how I love presents.  Buttons!  I huge jar of BUTTONS!  Gorgeous buttons.  Poured them out on the table… and I was in heaven.  I can’t really call it collecting… more like  I  hoard buttons.  I truly love them.   I think Patsy is magic.  She knew exactly what would make my day turn around.   Aren’t I lucky to have her for a friend?

Did you see the star fish button?  Gorgeous.  In there somewhere is a buffalo  & Indian head nickels made into buttons.  Did you see the Zebra?  Or the fancy pink jewel one?  Lots of heart buttons.  For now they’re in an ironstone platter on the dining room table,  so I can admire ’em.  🙂

These are tiny book necklaces Richard made.  (they’re laying on a table he made)  He says he’s not making any more.  He does carpenter work.  He enjoys it,  but it’s hard work during the summer in Texas.  Wish I could get him to make more things.  But it just doesn’t thrill him like it does me.  He likes that pay check…  I like the thrill of someone giving me money for something I made.  🙂   If you’re interested in one of the tiny book necklaces….

Have a great day.   Go shopping… it’ll do ya good. 🙂

oh my…

oh my…

some days a fella should just stay in bed…

I hope all the detail shows in the photos.  Can you tell I’m having fun?  He’ll be on the website later.  Did you know you can email about pieces you’re interested in.  Also,  if you’re on my email list,  you get to see it first.  Before it’s on the blog or website.  Kinda makes you special. 🙂

 Thanks for looking…

new folk art paintings


The paint has been a flying…  Lots of texture on the last two.  Those are on board,  the flower is on a deep canvas.  Did I mention I’m having fun?  Wish someone would sneak in and cook supper… all I want to do is PAINT!  Have a great weekend.  Share a smile with some one.  xoxo PJ