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Lots of PJ art news….

Suzette and friend, Bella, have just arrived at  Somebody sent them  gorgeous yellow flowers.  All those details are on  Ya’ll really neeeeeed to visit cause we’re always havin’ parties and stuff.  I don’t want ya’ll missing anything.  We roasted marshmellows the other night and where were you?  See, that’s exactly what I mean.

And we had new videos… really good videos… they were the eye wipin’ kind.  (you know, you laugh so hard you tear up)   Pay attention… I’m losing ya.

Ok,  after supper come visit me at   Good Lord,  I have 6 followers on there.  And they’re all real nice folks.  big hug,  can’t wait to see ya’ll…..


sneak peek…

Would you see if you think the furniture is arranged right?  Do I need new curtains?  Do you like the colors?  Check on the kitchen table… there should be cookies and milk waiting for you…. that is if Shirley hasn’t gotten into them.  She doesn’t drink that much… LOL

where was I?

I don’t have a clue what I was doing today.   Was suppose to do a post here.  Some how I got caught up in doing some research on uploading videos…  then it was trying some stuff on my blog.. over and over and over…. nothing worked. 

Then I sold a painting on .  Well I had to do the Happy Dance fore at least an hour.  I was thrilled, still am.  Was forced to eat a hamburger and fries R made.  The things I do for that man….

Might be changing up my blog…. decisions, decisions….  then I realized I hadn’t made a post. duh…  So here I am… telling you good night.  LOL  a really nice place to hang out….

a little wisdom for Monday morning…

You can teach techniques, but not results.

quote by G. Hale

Isn’t that brilliant?  I love that.  Covers a lot of things.


Another altered book page from an Art Journal I did a few years ago.  Now it belongs to a really nice lady in Brenham.  I had fun doing those books. 

Yesterday I did a video of the gallery here in Carmine.  It is the shakiest video EVER. LOL  I’m outta practice.  If you have time,  take a look see.  I’m going to be making lots more videos.  See, told ya…it takes practice. :-))  

Have a great Monday, a great week.  I gotta go paint! hugs, PJ  open for buisness 🙂


Altered book page in an Art Journal I did a few years back.

Oh, my…. I have worked all day putting art on my new improved website.  I think I have 25 pieces on there, and more to do.  I think I’ll quit for today… my brain is in computer over load.  But I had to do a post and tell somebody… bless your heart… you’re it. LOL   xo

Altered book page…

I haven’t finished the second page.   I wanted to show the actual page under the paint (around the edges).  That will give you an idea of how those colors will show thru if you use craft paint with a little medium on the page.  Text will look cool showing thru also. 

Describing how I do this isn’t my best talent. 😉   I’m better at videos, I think.  Also,  lots of the pens I used on this are metallic,  shiny, or have a tad of glitter.  Of course you can’t see any of that. LOL duh….  For me,  those pens make it more fun. 

Practice lettering on copy paper.  Don’t be afraid of it.  You don’t have to be the best…. and don’t compare yours to mine, or anybody else’s.  If you want to use theirs or mine as a guide,  go for it.  But don’t beat yourself up.  It’s suppose to be your art…. and suppose to be fun.   We’re all way too critical of ourselves.  Give that up… it gets in your way of doing good stuff.

If you go back on my blog,  somewhere I show the button cover on this book.  If you’re interested in doing one,  let me know.  I’ll tell you how I did it,  and got the buttons to stay put. LOL an inspiring place to decorate your nest…

your opinion please…


I think that photo is a tad outta focus.  Squint your left eye real tight while pulling or your right ear… Looks better, doesn’t it?  LOL

As you can see,  I’ve been rearranging my blog.  I loved the huge photos.  Loved ’em.  But now I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.  I have a huge TV for a monitor… well,  huge to me.   But then I thought about  everyone that has a laptop…. duh….  So I need to know which you like best.  It would really help me out. 

Also,  several were having problems finding my older posts.  Now you can see how obsessive compulsive I really am.  LOL!   Then I found out that I CAN have ads on my blog… just no PayPal buttons.  That made me very happy.  So I need to have a place to put an ad if anyone ever asks me again.  oh happy days…. 

The comment link is the very last thing listed in that little black box.   I cannot change that darn light blue color.  It goes to white if you run your cursor over it…. excuse me,  ya gotta know it’s there to do that!  duh…   I wonder who thought of that one.  LOL

Thanks for all your help and input.  Sometimes if you’re sitting on it,  you can’t see the  problem.  🙂   Yes,  that’s a direct quote from PJ.  I’ll think up some more tonight.  Ha!

Another thing… do you take classes/workshops online?   Is it a ning site,   or website?   I want to make longer videos than I can on YouTube…. I’ll have to charge for them.  Not like the big girls get.  Mine’ll be $10 or so.   Just need some info so I don’t have to do it wrong for a year before I get it right.  Ha!   I am so capable of doing just that.  LOL  Any input would be greatly appreciated! 

R has gone for T-PM’s… Let us pray I get some sleep tonight.   a nice place to visit…