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Lots of PJ art news….

Suzette and friend, Bella, have just arrived at  Somebody sent them  gorgeous yellow flowers.  All those details are on  Ya’ll really neeeeeed to visit cause we’re always havin’ parties and stuff.  I don’t want ya’ll missing anything.  We roasted marshmellows the other night and where were you?  See, that’s exactly what I mean.

And we had new videos… really good videos… they were the eye wipin’ kind.  (you know, you laugh so hard you tear up)   Pay attention… I’m losing ya.

Ok,  after supper come visit me at   Good Lord,  I have 6 followers on there.  And they’re all real nice folks.  big hug,  can’t wait to see ya’ll…..


those Betty Davis eyes….

Okay… I thought I was going blind… then R mentions something about I should go to the eye Dr…. then something about how long I’ve been wearing these glasses…. then  eye strain was mentioned… guess what… I don’t think I’m going blind. 

I have bad eye strain. Whew!  That was a close one.  Tomorrow I’ll go see if the Dr. agrees with my diagnosis…. of coarse she will…  new glasses… then I’ll be dangerous again.

So for now,  I’m resting my eyes… and don’t be telling R any different. 🙂

The beginning of my new improved web site is up and running.  Not much on there yet,  but will be very very soon.  Remember…. I’m resting my eyes…:)

Have a good one….xoxoxo

Altered book page…

I haven’t finished the second page.   I wanted to show the actual page under the paint (around the edges).  That will give you an idea of how those colors will show thru if you use craft paint with a little medium on the page.  Text will look cool showing thru also. 

Describing how I do this isn’t my best talent. 😉   I’m better at videos, I think.  Also,  lots of the pens I used on this are metallic,  shiny, or have a tad of glitter.  Of course you can’t see any of that. LOL duh….  For me,  those pens make it more fun. 

Practice lettering on copy paper.  Don’t be afraid of it.  You don’t have to be the best…. and don’t compare yours to mine, or anybody else’s.  If you want to use theirs or mine as a guide,  go for it.  But don’t beat yourself up.  It’s suppose to be your art…. and suppose to be fun.   We’re all way too critical of ourselves.  Give that up… it gets in your way of doing good stuff.

If you go back on my blog,  somewhere I show the button cover on this book.  If you’re interested in doing one,  let me know.  I’ll tell you how I did it,  and got the buttons to stay put. LOL an inspiring place to decorate your nest…

gallery sneek peek…


I do creative spelling… this one has the spell checker stumped.  Is it peek?  or peak?  what about sneak? 

Do I like polka dots?  You can’t be serious.  LOL!!!!!

Lovin’  those polka dots,  aren’t you?  🙂

Keep your fingers crossed that little thing gets above 90 cents.  LOL

Just a little somthin’ to make you smile…. you are smilin’ aren’t you?  LOL  If you’re in shock… it should wear off in a minute or two.  Don’t panic… this is called FUN!!!!  big hug

Ok,  here’s the excuses.  I know, I know… I haven’t updated my website  in awhile.  Yes,  I’m bored with it too.   My excuse is  we’ve been trying to get my gallery here in Carmine back open.  (Closing it is a whole nother story.) 

So I’ve been coming up with the new look (in my head) and Richard has been doing it.  He’s painted the floor, a wall,  redone shelves,  etc.  Believe me, he has been busy.  At the same time doing his carpentry work also.  And he cooks too. 🙂 

Me?  I’ve been painting like crazy to get enough art to cover up those walls.  Still have more to do.  Plus deciding where everything goes,   etc.

So,  back to  There just hasn’t been time to  put new art  on it.  I need to do some work on it,  but the gallery has had to come first.   I’m also trying out a new look or different setup for my website.  When I get that one rolling… hopefully… it’ll be the new improved .   LOL   I do love change.  🙂  I get bored easily… I’ll admit it.  But I refuse to believe that is a bad thing!  🙂 

I’ll try to do some sneak peak photos of the gallery today.  It is kinda wild. Definitely not boring…. LOL    Have a good one….

Landscape WIP

Just had to show you how this painting is coming along.  They’re having a sale day.  Chairs, pigs, watermelons, chickens, pumkins, and lots more will be 4 sale.   Can’t wait to see what else they drag out.  Don’t you just love a good sale?  I know I do. 🙂

Hope to have this finished in the next couple of days…. check back to see my progress.  Thanks for your interest in my art.  You are much appreciated!  a nice place to look for a bargain…

Flower paintings

This is a large painting.  Bright yellow zinnias,  lots of texture, color.  The flowers pop.  It can be hung as is or framed.  I love this painting.  Love the colors.  Some paintings talk to you…. this one won’t shut up. 🙂 

Have a happy day.  Give somebody a hug.  It’ll make their day and won’t cost you a thing. 😉  will make you smile