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a little wisdom for Monday morning…

You can teach techniques, but not results.

quote by G. Hale

Isn’t that brilliant?  I love that.  Covers a lot of things.


Another altered book page from an Art Journal I did a few years ago.  Now it belongs to a really nice lady in Brenham.  I had fun doing those books. 

Yesterday I did a video of the gallery here in Carmine.  It is the shakiest video EVER. LOL  I’m outta practice.  If you have time,  take a look see.  I’m going to be making lots more videos.  See, told ya…it takes practice. :-))  

Have a great Monday, a great week.  I gotta go paint! hugs, PJ  open for buisness 🙂


collecting art….

Do you collect art? 
When did you start? 
Did someone get you started  collecting?
Did they guide you on the artist that you should collect?  
Did you meet the artist? 
Do you collect for an investment or love? 
Do your friends collect art?
Do you know how many pieces of art you own? 
Prints or originals?
Those questions will get us all to thinking, I hope.  If you have the time,  please answer a few or all… in a comment.  I would love to know how you feel about art….  if you share your life with it,  or is it just there.  Thank you…. PJ


Bottle cap mirror frame made by an artist in Mexico… I think.

Clay face jug and clay pig by Marie Rodgers… Georgia

I got to meet Ms. Marie at her home.  She was so sweet and a hoot.  At that time she was in her 90’s.  That’s been several years back.  It was a treat to meet and visit with her.   …..just put on more art!

Are we havin’ fun yet?

For the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about this… so here goes.  When you do crafts or art, you should be having fun,  not trying to do perfection.  There is no such of a thing.  So get over it.  If you’re happy with it,  you are a success. 

 I don’t recommend asking for critiques.  They’re going to tell you how THEY would do it.  Do you want to do your art or theirs?  Stop and think about it.  Do you really want yours to look like theirs?  If that’s the case, ya shoulda just bought one of theirs.  LOL  Remember, this is my opinion… it’s worth what you paid for it.

If you haven’t tried on your own,  do you really think someone can teach you how to do it perfect?  Give it a try.  Life will not end as you know it because it’s not perfect. LOL

My Mother taught me fear of failure. I had to get it right first time out.  So I didn’t try.  My husband gave me the gift of you can throw it away and do another one. LOL  That was the best present I have ever gotten from anyone. If I truly don’t like  it, I can throw it away.  No big deal.  I did not fail.  It was a learning curve.  I can not do my very best each and every time.  No one can.  And that’s OK. 

Give yourself that permission.  When you do,  it feels so good.  Big weight off your shoulders.  I wrote around the door in my studio… Are we havin’ fun yet?   Cause if I’m not,  I don’t wanna play any more. 😉

I’ve said most of these things in videos on my YouTube channel.  This is my first try at writing them down.  I hope it makes sense to you.  It’s a present that I want to pass along.  thanks,  PJ

Queen Shirley…. sold

Happy Easter and another altered page

WordPress is cranky… it won’t let me put photos where I want photos…. now I’m cranky…

…… dirty word

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter with family and friends… and enough eggs to hunt for days and days and days….  :)

the page on the right I did out of a smaller used book that I like to work out of.  I’ve already painted all the pages in the book…. plus the shapes for words.  Easier that way, plus it lets me be more creative when I’m working on a page.  I like that.  

Plus the darn paint is completely dry.  LOL  Writing, drawing, doodling on semi-dry paint can cancel a creative roll you may be on.  That I can’t handle.  Too hard to get it back.  My advice is to do as much background painting as possible,  let it dry.  Then if you want splashes of color here and there… a blow dryer will work for that. 

A blow dryer in the studio is my best friend.  I use a small cheap one.  Don’t want it to fry anything,  just blow warm air.  If you don’t use it on high,  it’ll last forever.  

The button cover is my  idea.  I love buttons.  Yes,  I painted them on the book cover.  I haven’t had one to come off.  It’s a tough little book.  

Keep looking for those eggs….  I know there’s more out there.  LOL   where the fun begins….

Art journal page with Doodles

altered page

I’ll admit it… I just had to do some blue behind those clouds.  For the clouds I used a fat Faber-Castell soft grey marker.  Wish I had a lot of those.  Super to color with.  I doodled in the white space around the pictures.  Fun to do. 

Almost forgot… I used a brush pen… another Faber-Castelle pen for the doodles.  Love that brand of pen.  Have you started your art journal yet?  No?  Get busy.  You’re gonna love it.   a fun place to shop and enjoy  folk art….

Great place to find used books cheap =  thrift stores 

1st step in an altered page…

This one needs doodles,  I think.  Gesso and medium over the B&W photos give it a different look.  I think I’ll work on this one tonight.  Hope I can show it to you tomorrow.

Art Journal using an old book

Not too pretty, huh?  LOL   But there’s always hope.  Not each and every one is going to be your best… so get use to that idea.  🙂  I started with an B&W book page,   stamped the swirls,  glued on a face from a magazine,  thought it needed a little hot pink.  Also thought she’d look good green. 🙂   a nice place to shop for art…

Herbert attack dog

Warning:  Do not give your Chihuahua a T-bone steak bone.  This is very serious stuff.  He or she could have… might have… a serious mental break with their normal personality.  Yes,  you read it right.  They have a drastic personality change.  They can become a crazed, obsessed, vicious, aggressive 5 lb. Attack Dog.  Hair raises up,  teeth appear to be larger,  eyes glaze over,  a low guttural growl coming from somewhere deep inside.  Scary, very scary.  Yes,  their ears do appear larger.  We are not sure what causes the smell… that will take further research. 

We are also not sure if the size of the steak bone has any effect.  But are guessing it could be any kind of steak bone,  not just a T-bone.  Further studies will be forth coming.  Also… with the eyes glazing… one eye tends to cross.  Only observe this symptom from a distance.

The good news is… when the bone is removed, taken away,  the personality change reverses almost instantly.  They may appear to be a little depressed.  (It would be advisable to wait at least 10 to 20 minutes before consoling  in any way.)  They will once more become that sweet, funny, barking little Chihuahua  that you love and adore.  Hopefully.  If not… seek a dog therapist as soon as humanly possible…. for the health of your ankles. 

PJ Hornberger wrote this… yes, she’s had therapy too.