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roasted chicken…

She cooks… did I mention I like to cook?   I like to cook a lot!   So that means from time to time you’re gonna have to look at something I’ve cooked.  Just pretend you’re interested.  Humor me… it’s good for my therapy… LOL

Last night I roasted that fat fryer you’re looking at.   And I made mushroom rice.  It was so good.  I made enough that we ate it again today.  Nobody complained. 

Wanna know how I did that bird?  Give it a try…. I don’t think it’s possible to screw this up.  Now I don’t use measurements… I pour it in my hand, if it looks right… it’s gonna work.

You need one big fat fryer.  Not a baking hen.  Kosher salt… gotta have kosher…. fresh cracked black pepper… (buy a cheap coffee grinder and pepper corns. you won’t believe the difference)… a pinch or two of dry thyme…dried parsley… several things of fresh garlic…. good olive oil.

Preheat oven to 425 to 450…. Rinse chicken….. pat dry with paper towels… throw it in the pan…. pour olive oil inside and out…. I mix together a small hand full of Kosher salt,  hand full of cracked pepper, thyme,  and dried parsley if I have it.  Rub that inside and out all over chicken.  It will not be too much salt if you use Kosher.  Now put all those garlic cloves inside the chicken.  Flip back the wings,  tie  (cotton string)  her ankles together. 

Roast uncovered for an hour 15 minutes.  Ya gotta let it rest at least 10 minutes before slicing.  Do Not Stick It With A Fork!!!   That’ll let out all the juices…. which makes a dry chicken.   Which you better not be blamin’ on me! LOL   The meat on the legs should be pulling away from the bone a little. 

Figure out if your oven cooks fast or slow.  Does it get all the way up to temp… or almost.  That’ll help you deciding exactly how long it needs to cook.  It should be a really nice golden brown.  Don’t wimp out on the Kosher salt or Fresh cracked black pepper.  It won’t be hot…. it’ll have flavor.  I promise. 

Now we’ve cooked together,  talked art together…. I think we’ve bonded. 🙂   I know… I’m in a very good mood and you have to put up with it.  LOL  big hug… have a fantastic weekend… drop by and say hello.   and she cooks….


your opinion please…


I think that photo is a tad outta focus.  Squint your left eye real tight while pulling or your right ear… Looks better, doesn’t it?  LOL

As you can see,  I’ve been rearranging my blog.  I loved the huge photos.  Loved ’em.  But now I’m not so sure that’s a good idea.  I have a huge TV for a monitor… well,  huge to me.   But then I thought about  everyone that has a laptop…. duh….  So I need to know which you like best.  It would really help me out. 

Also,  several were having problems finding my older posts.  Now you can see how obsessive compulsive I really am.  LOL!   Then I found out that I CAN have ads on my blog… just no PayPal buttons.  That made me very happy.  So I need to have a place to put an ad if anyone ever asks me again.  oh happy days…. 

The comment link is the very last thing listed in that little black box.   I cannot change that darn light blue color.  It goes to white if you run your cursor over it…. excuse me,  ya gotta know it’s there to do that!  duh…   I wonder who thought of that one.  LOL

Thanks for all your help and input.  Sometimes if you’re sitting on it,  you can’t see the  problem.  🙂   Yes,  that’s a direct quote from PJ.  I’ll think up some more tonight.  Ha!

Another thing… do you take classes/workshops online?   Is it a ning site,   or website?   I want to make longer videos than I can on YouTube…. I’ll have to charge for them.  Not like the big girls get.  Mine’ll be $10 or so.   Just need some info so I don’t have to do it wrong for a year before I get it right.  Ha!   I am so capable of doing just that.  LOL  Any input would be greatly appreciated! 

R has gone for T-PM’s… Let us pray I get some sleep tonight.   a nice place to visit…

my thoughts on….

Good morning… well it is for me.  I think I have my days and nights confused.  If I read one more article on how to get some sleep… well, picture me running down the middle of the street screaming to the top of my lungs. LOL  I’m going to write the next article…

Someone said they couldn’t find the comment spot.  It’s in the black box thingy at the bottom.  Says:  Comments.  Just click that on and you can tell me everything…. or just say Hi!  I love comments.  All bloggers do.  Some people just don’t like leaving comments. Worries them as to what to say.  When I can’t think of something… happens rarely…. I just say… I’ll be back.  LOL

Videos on YouTube…  Yes I  know I haven’t been making very many.  I want to do more.  But teaching or showing how to do something in less than 10 minutes is almost impossible for me.  I get tickled… have to giggle for at least a minute or two… then try to convince you that you can too do this whatever… then I want to tell a story…  Ya see the problem?  I just need more time. 🙂  So I’m checking into doing them on my website  or maybe a ning site.  Tried that before but it took up lots and lots of time.  Any ideas?  How can I do this on a budget? 

I haven’t been showing any current art I’ve done lately.  Don’t think I haven’t been working.  I’ve got some biz ideas I’m working on… when I get those ready to show,  I’ll show new art at the same time.  Sounds so misterious…. LOL

another altered book page…


It seems I have a mental block against B&W….  I’m so ashamed.  LOL   I swore these last two pages were going to be just B&W.   Not so easy for me.  Color seems to creep in everything I do.  Gotta have some color somewhere.  😉  I love B&W.  Love the starkness of it.  Just don’t seem to be able to do it.  🙂  

 Maybe some more therapy would help…. Just kidding.  You have to realize… you have to know that I have a sick sense of humor.  I’ll say anything thinking the whole world knows I’m yanking their leg. (that’s Texan for kidding)  Then I find out somebody really believed me.  That gets me in more trouble.  Forget about apologizing… explaining…  they just get madder.  Now I just say… “I lie”.  Seems to clear up everything.  LOL  new things coming very very soon….