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Happy Easter and another altered page

WordPress is cranky… it won’t let me put photos where I want photos…. now I’m cranky…

…… dirty word

Here’s wishing you a Happy Easter with family and friends… and enough eggs to hunt for days and days and days….  :)

the page on the right I did out of a smaller used book that I like to work out of.  I’ve already painted all the pages in the book…. plus the shapes for words.  Easier that way, plus it lets me be more creative when I’m working on a page.  I like that.  

Plus the darn paint is completely dry.  LOL  Writing, drawing, doodling on semi-dry paint can cancel a creative roll you may be on.  That I can’t handle.  Too hard to get it back.  My advice is to do as much background painting as possible,  let it dry.  Then if you want splashes of color here and there… a blow dryer will work for that. 

A blow dryer in the studio is my best friend.  I use a small cheap one.  Don’t want it to fry anything,  just blow warm air.  If you don’t use it on high,  it’ll last forever.  

The button cover is my  idea.  I love buttons.  Yes,  I painted them on the book cover.  I haven’t had one to come off.  It’s a tough little book.  

Keep looking for those eggs….  I know there’s more out there.  LOL   where the fun begins….


another altered book page…


It seems I have a mental block against B&W….  I’m so ashamed.  LOL   I swore these last two pages were going to be just B&W.   Not so easy for me.  Color seems to creep in everything I do.  Gotta have some color somewhere.  😉  I love B&W.  Love the starkness of it.  Just don’t seem to be able to do it.  🙂  

 Maybe some more therapy would help…. Just kidding.  You have to realize… you have to know that I have a sick sense of humor.  I’ll say anything thinking the whole world knows I’m yanking their leg. (that’s Texan for kidding)  Then I find out somebody really believed me.  That gets me in more trouble.  Forget about apologizing… explaining…  they just get madder.  Now I just say… “I lie”.  Seems to clear up everything.  LOL  new things coming very very soon….

Art journal page with Doodles

altered page

I’ll admit it… I just had to do some blue behind those clouds.  For the clouds I used a fat Faber-Castell soft grey marker.  Wish I had a lot of those.  Super to color with.  I doodled in the white space around the pictures.  Fun to do. 

Almost forgot… I used a brush pen… another Faber-Castelle pen for the doodles.  Love that brand of pen.  Have you started your art journal yet?  No?  Get busy.  You’re gonna love it.   a fun place to shop and enjoy  folk art….

Great place to find used books cheap =  thrift stores 

altered page….

Worked on this page today.  I used lots of different pens.  Writing over bumpy painted pages is not going to be perfection.  Ya just hope your zig-zags don’t show up too much. 🙂  

Have a nice night…. I think I’ll make a homemade pizza for supper…  it would make me very happy if someone snuck in and did it for me… but I just don’t think that’s gonna happen. LOL  I can always dream….

zentangle/doodles in color… sort of..


Can’t believe I’ve been doing this all day long.  It’s so addictive.  I think I’m finished.  This light was not the best to photograph in… but I wanted to show it NOW!  LOL 

Ingredients: all the other stuff I listed, and Prisma markers.  You know those cheap high lighters at the Dollar store work great.  I’m just out of them.  Target has them sometimes I think a $1 for a bunch of colors. 

It doesn’t take $$$ to do this… just be inventive.  I happen to be addicted to pens… have been since I got that first one in the 3rd grade.  I love pens!  There should be meetings for me and those other pen hoarders…  LOL   Whoever has the most pens in the end…. WINS.  I’m counting on it.  🙂  Remember… no rules!

a little more doodles/zentangles…


Finished this one, not sure how I’ll do the other page.   I used a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen/brush tip I get them at  Not expensive for how long they last….. if you put the cap back on EVERY time you use it.  Amazes me how lots of people refuse to do that.  If you can’t remember… hold the darn cap in the hand you’re not drawing with.  That’ll make it impossible to forget!  tadah! 

sorry about the earlier mistake I made on the Faber-Castell Pitt pen….  Derwent makes water color pencils…  really good ones,   but not Pitt Pens.  duh….

See,  what did I tell ya?  It looks great doodling/zentangling on a throw away book.  I love the look….  Note book paper works great too.  Love all those lines when you’re finished.  Adds something to it. 

Now I think I’ll work on an altered page….  Have a creative day!  You CAN doodle…. ART HAS NO RULES… don’t be letting anybody tell ya different.  LOL

doodles… zentangles…

Finally have enough light in my bedroom to do some altered pages/doodling while watching TV.  These aren’t fancy,  but it’ll give you an idea of how to get started.  I did 2 videos of how to start a Zentangle.  They’re on YouTube.  You can find a link to them on my link page!  Along with some great blogs & websites.  When you have time,  check them out.

Yes,  that’s a lot of creative spelling. LOL  I used pens and markers on this.  The paper is lousy, but for playing… it’ll do.   On this,  I did the text first,  then started filling in.  Rules do NOT apply to this.  Whatever thrills YOU is the right way to do it. 

This is a text book I found at the Thrift store for $2.  It has great  paper, not shiny.  I glue everything in it… Last night I decided it would be fun to doodle in it.  I’ve done this before,  drawing over text or a written letter.  This book is so much larger, so  it shows how the background makes shadows… designs.  I love the look. 

This is a book they would have thrown away,  so I’m not destroying anything but dust mites.  LOL  If you look back or do a search on my blog,  you can see altered pages I’ve done in the past.  I hope to be doing more of those,  so check back often…. or sign up to follow my blog.